Leadership and Management

I often find myself in leadership and management roles because of a combination of my self and team management skills. My strengths in personal time-management, organization, planning and budgeting allow me to supervise a team of people and be efficient and successful.

As a leader, I understand and embrace the concepts of encouragement, facilitation and education as leader in a team of people.

In the field of librarianship, the ability to manage not only the planning and budgeting of collections but also the staff and volunteers of the libraries is a difficult task. However, with patience and an open and creative mind, balancing these feats becomes easier.

As an early-career librarian in a country recovering from an economic recession, I believe strongly in the importance of advocating for myself as a librarian and for libraries in communities. Without advocacy and outreach, library budgets are in danger of being cut by the organizations that fund them. Because of my passion for the vision of libraries and my ability to manage teams in stressful situations, I am confident I will continue to be a leader.

Specific examples of leadership and management in my current position

I have managed the staff and volunteers for Muir Library since April 2011. This includes setting the schedule, managing timecards, submitting mileage, etc. Every month I compile statistics about library usage and the library finances for the five-person Library Board. I also submit a monthly report to the City Administrator for the City Council meeting. Because Muir Library also receives county funds, I also present a report to the Faribault County Library Board several times a year. The library also has a strong, supportive Friends of the Library group and I meet with the officers a couple of times a year to discuss what can be done at the library.


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